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HI, I’m Obu, Founder of MoneyOwl.in, an IIT IIM Grad, Ex Investment Banking Professional, financial freedom evangelist, investor, equity research analyst, trader, mutual funds advisor and distributor, start-up enthusiast working with a few start-ups in different roles, overall a start-up, finance and investment junkie. If you are curious, here is a bit of my story


MoneyOwl.in is a DIY Financial Planning blog, where in we provide general information on planning your money, various investment assets, and philosophies, markets, economy etc. We offer free E-mail course on financial planning which is a detailed step-by-step process helping you manage you money better. Besides we also post on behavioral habits if followed which can impact significantly your financial future. We also train through our behavioral training programs and courses, selected participants to learn certain habits that make them wealthy.



No one becomes rich just reading how-to-get-rich books or attending excellent lectures on personal finance by Guru’s. Instead, we train you to focus on a few big things that are worth millions than scraping for pennies. Master those and your life is in your control. We offer FREE email course for you to work on your finances, step-by-step and also a few training programs to personally help you. Read what our clients say


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“I was skeptical initially and not sure how the financial planning will help. However, when I got an overall personalized plan chalked out to my necessities, it did wonders. It gave me a really refreshing look at my finances  and Money Owl helped me as and when required. I’ve also  used this for my Dad’s retirement planning”

Prathamesh Consultant, Mumbai

"My Portfolios were messed up. In-fact I didn't knew how much I have invested. There was no track. Then I got introduced to Money Owl by a friend. I was able to make a detailed analysis of  my portfolio which gave a clarity on what I actually own. The most amazing thing was when I discovered and planned how I will achieve my goals, both immediate and long term. The support I received from Money Owl is the best"

"As someone who has just started out on building a savings corpus without any prior experience investing in the financial markets, I really appreciate the services from Money Owl. I was able to understand my goals and determine options best suited to achieve them, including changes to be made to my portfolio allocations depending on the market conditions. They have been readily available to clarify my doubts and guide me through the process"


Why is this working?

If we study people who are self-made millionaires and billionaires, there are three broad categories

  1. People who founded companies, made them big and arrived on the world – Think Dhirubai Ambani, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Narayana Murthy, Bansals, Uday Kotak and several start-up heroes of current, yesteryears
  2. People who invested in great companies and made wealth riding on the fire power of founders and management providing them the capital and reputation they require. – Think of Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Benjamin Graham, Philip Fisher, Sanjay Bakshi and several other investors
  3. The third category is that of people who became celebrities – sport stars, movie stars, highly paid professionals

For those who don’t fall in those categories, managing their wealth and income is hugely important. Any amount of inheritance can vanish if not properly managed, any amount of income is not sufficient to give you a lifestyle it can’t support


Fortunately managing money is simple; however, not easy. It is not about breaking your heads researching and investing in the next big thing, but developing habits which puts you in advantageous positions that offer you opportunities to make disproportionate wealth. And those habits can be mastered by any sincere person who has respect for money and realize the importance of managing money.


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